Add-On Inside Panel Antenna Kit for 50 Ohm Signal Boosters

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This kit is designed as an add-on to a Wilson 50 ohm signal booster system that splits the signal coming out of the amplifier into an additional internal antenna which can be used to cover areas that are not adequately covered by a signal antenna.

  • Wide-band antenna and components. Works with dual-band, LTE, AWS, and even Nextel/iDEN.
  • Includes everything needed to add a second antenna to most 50 ohm building kits.
  • Easy to install. No special skills needed.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you're not satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

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The Add-On Internal Panel Antenna Kit contains everything needed to add a second antenna to a 50 ohm signal booster system.  A second antenna can be very helpful in situations where a home of office has areas that aren't adequately covered by a signal antenna.  For example, a building with an "L" shape may require one antenna in each of "wings" in order to provide a strong signal.  A second antenna can also help with coverage in multiple rooms with thick walls in between or with multiple stories where the floor doesn't allow a signal to pass between stories.

In the Box

The Add-On Internal Panel Antenna Kit includes the following components.


To install, connect the included 2 foot long coax cable to the internal antenna port on your amplifier.  Then connect the included splitter to the other end of the 2 foot coax cable.  From one of the outputs on the splitter, connect the coax cable and antenna that came with the signal booster system.  From the other output on the splitter, connect the 30 foot coax cable and panel antenna that are included with this system.

Before permanently mounting the antennas, it's a good idea to temporarily place them where you think they should go, power on the system, and test the level of coverage you get in the space you're trying to cover.  If you find spots that don't have adequate signal, try adjusting the antennas.  If you run into trouble, you can always call our technical support representatives for help.

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