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A cell phone repeater (also known as a cell phone signal booster) is a system which takes cell phone signal from one area where the signal is good, and repeats (or amplifies) it to an area where the signal is not good or nonexistent. The basic setup of a cell phone repeater is to have an external antenna placed in the area which has good signal. That is then connected via low (or super low) loss cable to a cell phone signal amplifier which then amplifies the signal and transfers it to an internal antenna. The internal antenna takes the repeated signal and broadcasts it to the area which is not receiving cell phone signal.

Cell Phone Repeater Capabilities

A cell phone repeater requires a stable signal in the area where the external antenna is placed. Ideally, this is a strong signal that it can repeat, but even a weak signal can be adequately amplified when combined with a strong amplifier. A cell phone repeater will not work for areas which have no signal or have a signal which is unstable and repeatedly cuts out. If you are able to place the external antenna in a location which has signal, then a cell phone repeater will work for you.

Wilson Sleek Cell Phone Repeater

Types of Cell Phone Repeaters

There are different types of cell phone repeaters which vary in strength and can be configured with different types of antennas in order to solve your unique situation. We'll cover the most popular types of cell phone repeaters here.

Vehicle Cell Phone Repeaters

Vehicle cell phone repeaters come in two kinds. The first kind is a cradle cell phone repeater which combines the amplifier and internal antenna into once device and can only be used by one cell phone at a time. Cradle cell phone repeaters are one of the most popular type of repeaters because they're the lowest cost and can be used in both your vehicle and home.

The other type of vehicle cell phone repeater has a separate amplifier and internal antenna, and can be used by multiple phones and data cards at the same time. This is the ideal cell phone repeater kit for long distance travelers, families, carpools, and more.

YX545 Home & Office Cell Phone Repeater

Home & Office Cell Phone Repeaters

Cradle cell phone repeaters were covered in the Vehicle section and can also be used at home or in the officeas long as you have the necessary home accessory kit.

There is a line of cell phone repeaters made by Wi-Ex that combine the internal antenna and amplifier, but unlike the cradle cell phone repeaters, can be used by multiple devices at the same time. These products are a great combination of cost and power, which is why the YX545 is the best selling cell phone repeater in the United States.

For situations where you need more power to cover a greater area, there are kits from Wilson Electronics which have different types of antennas and strong amplifiers to cover any type of situation that you could run into.

The Best Cell Phone Repeaters for You

The best way to get started finding the best cell phone repeater for you is to determine whether the primary situation you need it for is at home or small office, in a vehicle, or in a large building or structure. Once you've decided that, then you need to determine how large of an area you need to cover and how many devices you need to support. Finally, be sure that you choose the cell phone repeater that supports your primary cell phone carrier.

If you have any questions on how to choose a cell phone repeater or if the one you've chosen is right for your situation, then please contact us at support@ubersignal or live chat with one of our experts. We're always here to help, whether you're purchasing or installing a kit you've already purchased.

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