The iPhone 4 & 4S Signal Booster Guide

Have an iPhone 5?  Check out our Guide to iPhone 5 Signal Boosters.

  • Can I get better cell phone reception with an app?

    Unfortunately not. If you could boost your cell phone signal with software, Apple would have done that already.

  • Do the "sticker cell phone boosters” work?

    Definitely not. The stickers that you place on the back of your cell phone have been proven to be a major scam.

  • Is it actually possible to boost the signal on my iPhone 4 or 4S?

    Absolutely. Hardware signal boosters which employ antennas and amplifiers to boost signal work.

  • Where are cell phone signal boosters used?

    Cell phone signal boosters are used everywhere from hospitals & stadiums to offices, homes and vehicles.

The Best Signal Boosters for the iPhone 4 & 4S:

1. zBoost SOHO ZB545 Dual Band Signal Booster

Regular Price: $399.95

Special Price: $299.95

  • For apartments, mobile homes, small houses and offices.
  • Will boost signal up to 2,500 sq ft.
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2. Wilson 460106 Sleek Dual-Band Cradle Booster

Regular Price: $129.95

Special Price: $119.95

  • Our lowest priced signal booster.
  • For single phone use in home or vehicle.
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3. Wilson 462105 Dual Band DB PRO Omni Kit

Special Price: $449.95

  • Stronger amplifier, better antenna & cabling than the YX545.
  • Will boost signal up to 2,500 sq ft in your home or office.
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4. Wilson 460102 Mobile 3G Signal Booster Kit

Price: $329.95

  • Supports multiple phones and data cards simultaneously.
  • Will boost signal in your car, truck or SUV.
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About the iPhone 4 and 4S

The iPhone 4 was a completely redesigned evolution to the iPhone 3G. It featured a stainless steel frame which also acted as the phone's antenna, as well as improvements to the camera, processor and other components of the iPhone. While there were some problems initially with the iPhone 4 antenna, those were fixed solved by Apple and future versions of the phone were defect free. The iPhone 4S was an improvement upon the iPhone 4, and included a much better processor, improved camera, and featured facetime and Siri on the phone.

What is a Signal Booster?

A cell phone signal booster is a system that receives a good signal in one area, amplifies it to be even better, and then broadcasts it to an area which does not have good signal. Cell phone signal boosters are used frequently in situations where materials in the construction of a house, office or vehicle prevent the cell signal from effectively reaching the phone, and provides the ability to circumvent these problem materials and provide a quality signal to the receiver.

Does the iPhone 4 or 4S Support 4G?

While the iPhone 5 does support 4G for increased data speeds, unfortunately the iPhone 4 and 4S do not support this technology. Thus, if you're looking to increase cell phone signal for your iPhone 4 or 4S, then you'll be looking to boost the 3G signal, with no need to boost 4G.

Support for 3G

The iPhone 4 and 4S phones both fully support 3G voice and data standard, so if you're having trouble with cell phone reception with either version of the iPhone, then you'll want to get a signal booster which boosts the 3G signal.