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How to Boost Cell Phone Signal in Your Mobile Home

Mobile Home

A mobile home presents a number of unique challenges to receiving adequate cell phone service. The types of building materials used in construction and the location of the home can significantly impact the quality of service that you receive. Fortunately, a cell phone signal booster is designed to solve both of these problems and provide you with better service in your mobile home.

Causes of Poor Signal in Mobile Homes

There are typically two causes of poor service in mobile homes: distance from the closest cell tower and the materials that the mobile home is made of. We'll explore each in more depth.

1. Distance from the Closest Cell Tower

Mobile home parks are typically situated in more rural areas, which often means that the closest cell tower is a good distance away from the home. This can result in a weak signal outside of the mobile home and very weak to nonexistent inside. Additionally, rugged geography, such as hills and mountains, in between the tower and your mobile home can also significantly affect the signal strength you receive.

2. Construction Materials

The materials used in the construction of a mobile home vary significantly. Older mobile homes routinely used forms of sheet metal to line the outsides while new mobile homes incorporate energy saving materials, such as window tinting and new forms of insulation, all of which can cause significant problems for cell phone signal to penetrate.

The Solution

A cell phone signal booster is designed to solve both of the problems previously outlined. In order to counter a weak outside signal, a signal booster uses an amplifier to take a weak signal and make it much stronger. A signal booster is also able to bypass construction materials that make up the outside of the mobile home by using an outside antenna to send & receive cell signals and using a low-loss cable to pass those back and forth to the inside of the mobile home.

Selecting the Right Mobile Home Signal Booster for Your Situation

The outside signal strength and the size of the area that needs to be covered inside of the mobile home will determine which booster kit is going to be best. Here are the best options for each situation:

1. Single Wide Mobile Home with Medium to Strong Outside Signal

The SureCall Flare Signal Booster kit is the ideal solution for a situation where you have a good signal outside of the home, but do not have adequate signal inside. The booster itself is very easy to setup and it will automatically adjust to cover the largest area possible inside, so you get the best possible coverage.

2. Single Wide Mobile Home with Weak Outside Signal

The SureCall Flare 3.0 Signal Booster kit is the best solution for your single wide mobile home when you have a weak existing outside signal. The Flare 3.0 kit can take that weak outside signal, boost it up, and cover most, if not all, of the inside of the mobile home with boosted signal.

3. Double Wide Mobile Home with Medium to Strong Outside Signal

The weBoost Connect 4G Signal Booster kit is also the best solution for a double wide mobile home that has a medium to strong existing outside signal. The Connect 4G can take the good outside signal, route it past the construction materials of the outside of the mobile home, and then boost it up to cover the inside with good cell signal.

4. Double Wide Mobile Home with Weak Outside Signal

The SureCall Fusion5s Signal Booster kit with a yagi directional outside antenna and a panel inside antenna is the best solution for a double wide mobile home with a weak outside signal. It features the strongest boosting and best cabling that any of our kits offer, so it can take that weak existing outside signal and boost it enough to cover the inside of the mobile home with good cell phone signal.

A Note on Homemade Cell Phone Signal Boosters & DIY Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Many people have tried to build their own homemade cell phone signal booster or DIY cell phone signal booster, which usually consists of a homemade outside antenna connected directly to the phone. Unfortunately, at best, this may give you a decibel or two better service, not even a full bar or dot, so they are not recommended as a real signal booster solution. In addition, the failure of homemade cell phone signal boosters and DIY cell phone signal boosters, as well as cheap alternatives like stickers that are supposed to boost signal, have caused many consumers to not trust professional level cell phone signal booster systems, so the creation and use is not encouraged.

How to Install a Signal Booster in Your Mobile Home

Installation for all of the signal booster kits recommended is fairly straight forward. Each kit uses a yagi directional outside antenna that is designed to be mounted on a pole on the roof of the mobile home. If you have an existing TV antenna or similar type of pole, then that will work for you. Mount the antenna using the included U-Bolts to the pole, and run the included cable into the mobile home.

Once you have the cable inside, connect it to the amplifier, and then run the second cable to the internal antenna. For the eqo, that will be the internal coverage unit. If you are installing the eqo, then locate the coverage unit so that the glossy side is pointing towards the area that needs better signal. If you have any of the other boosters, then mount the panel internal antenna to the ceiling of the mobile home, in the center of the space that needs better signal.

Power on the system, and then the last step is to follow our directions for aiming the external yagi antenna. If you receive any warning lights on the amplifier after you aim the antenna, then consult your manual for steps to resolve that, or contact us for assistance.


If you have a mobile home that needs better signal, a cell phone signal booster can help. Simply choose the right booster for your needs based on the size of the mobile home and the strength of the outside signal. If you have any problems or need assistance while installing and running your booster, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

26 thoughts on “How to Boost Cell Phone Signal in Your Mobile Home”

  • Liz

    Hi, I have a question. I recently bought a small farm in a small, rural, wooded valley. I have ZERO bars from ALL providers both inside and outside the MH. I don't want to get locked into a contract w/ a provider until I know I can get service. So I have tried prepaid options from ALL 3 major providers: AT&T, Sprint, VZW. Despite their service maps all showing I should at least have 3 if not 4G LTE, every one of them gets ZERO bars EVERYWHERE on the property. There are towers located within 2.5 miles of me, but I notice my wealthier neighbors t w/ larger farms do all seem to have private antennas. My question is though, don't all these amp/repeater solutions presuppose that you have at least SOME service SOMEWHERE outdoors? So would any of these products actually help me? Thanks!

    • Dan

      Hello Liz,

      Unfortunately, if you truly get no reception at all anywhere on your property, then it's not very likely that a signal booster would help. Our boosters do use antennas that are much more powerful than the one in your cell phone, so there's a slight chance with the right setup, it may work, but the only want to find out for sure is to try one. Give us a call at (800) 590-3564 and we'll help you decide which system will give you the best chance of success.


  • Eric Lee

    Hey Dan,

    My name is Eric and I would like some prices on cell phone signal boosters? I live in a mobile home and as long as I am near or in front of a window the signal is just fine but if I move around I lose the call! I'm looking for something affordable since my mobile home is only 14' x 40' ?

    • Dan

      Hello Eric,

      Thanks for your question. It sounds like our entry level YX545 kit may be a great option for your home. The YX545 will boost the 2G and 3G networks from most major carriers giving you boosted phone calls and 3G data. As long as you locate the inside amplifier near the center of the home, you should get coverage over all or just about all of the space.

      Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. Dan

  • Debbie

    I have a tracfone and I get 1 bar in certain places in my Mobil home . I live in the mountains of NC and would love to have a signal would you recommend some thing like that here. Thanks

    • Dan

      Hi Debbie,

      Is the signal any stronger when you're outside? Tracfone uses the standard dual-band frequencies so any of our dual-band signal boosters will work. Take a look at this page for some options:


  • Amy Platt

    I did not renew my contract with Verizon instead got a straight talk phone . I had perfect service n my mobile home when i was on Verizon now Im lucky if I get one bar. Straight talk told me this phone was on the verizon network. im going to buy one of your boosters just to see if it helps before i go back to verizon and lock into another contract. Does it matter if its prepaid or not?

    • Dan

      Hello Amy, If your signal strength now is significantly different then when you had Verizon, then it's likely that your new phone is not on the Verizon network. I would call StraightTalk and ask them which carrier your phone uses and see what they say. It should not matter if it's prepaid or not.

  • janice

    I have a note3 and my cell signal is weak. Dropping calls and frequent no moble network available and out of service area. I'm a Verizon customer. A cell phone signal booster was suggested for these issues. Is there a possibility that a booster will improve or solve these issues.

    • Dan

      If you can stand on the roof of your house and get at least 1 bar of service, then a signal booster will work for you. To recommend the best booster for your situation, we would need to know the size of your house and how strong the existing outside signal is on the roof. Use our Contact Us page to send us that information and we'd be happy to recommend a system for you to try.

      • walter patrick

        live in a 12x60 mobile home with metal roof and siding

        • Dan

          Hello Walter,

          Thanks for contacting us. To recommend a product, I need some more information. Please answer the following questions when you have a chance:

          - What carrier(s) do you need to cover with a boosted signal?
          - How strong is the existing signal where you would mount the outside antenna, typically on the roof (See
          - Do you use you cell phone for Internet, or are you mostly concerned with Voice calls and texts?

  • Kim Cornett

    We have verizon wireless cell phones and we live off the main road in a wooded area. We get 1-2 bars in our two story house. The only way we have to connect the the internet is our hotspots on our phones. Needless to say we cannot get good connection due to low signal strength. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. When we go outside our signal strength is usually up to 3 bars

    • Dan

      Hello Kim,

      We have a few options that may work for you ranging from a Wilson Sleek 4G that would boost only a single hotspot to larger kits that can cover the entire house. Let me know if you're looking for something small for just one device or if you want to have boosted wireless coverage inside for the hotspot plus cell phones.

  • mohamed

    Hi thanks for the great information you all provide
    I work in a moveable caravan . I have a good signal outside but none inside do i need a booster to get the signal or if there is away i can just transfer the signal , maybe through two antenna inside and outside.
    Tell me if that will work

    • Dan

      Hello Mohamed,

      Cell phone signal boosters are designed to take a usable outside signal and bring it inside, so it sounds like that's exactly what you need. Unfortunately, just connecting two antennas together does not work because it takes considerable power to be able to rebroadcast a signal.

  • Clark Wong

    I don't live in a mobile home, but rather a manufactured home and am having problems with my cell service. Does anyone happen to know if the materials used in manufactured homes can also have a negative effect on service strength?

    • Dan

      Hi Clark,

      Thanks for your question. All building materials will block some signal, but mostly you have to watch out for metal and concrete. So metal siding or radiant barriers will block signal as will concrete, block or brick walls. As long as you can get a 1 bar signal from the roof of the building, a signal booster will be able to help you. Let us know if you need help figuring out which system will work best for you.

  • La

    Is there a way to put only my phones on my system I live in a apt and don't want the next door folk all over my network

    • Dan

      No, a signal booster can't interpret the cell signals/calls so it has no way of blocking or limiting who can use the boosted signal. This isn't typically an issue since even our small home systems can handle 10+ simultaneous calls without any trouble. The larger issue for apartments is usually how you can mount an antenna outside and get enough separation between the inside and outside antennas so that you can use the system to its full potential.

  • Jane

    I switched to AT&T and live in a very rural area. I get 1-2 bars and 4G in my driveway. Inside my house I get E over my data and 0 bars. No service at all inside. 2 story 4 bedroom home. 3000 sq feet maybe? Will a signal booster help me? I never get calls or a missed call log indoors. I need help please.

    • Dan

      Hello Jane,

      If you can stand on the roof of your house, or at least outside of it at ground level and get enough signal to make a call or send a text, then generally there is enough existing signal for a signal booster to work. However, with a weak outside signal, you'll get a smaller coverage area inside so you would need one of our powerful signal boosters in order to cover a good portion of your house. Something like our Wilson AG Pro Quint or SureCall TriFlex are two great options for your situation.

  • gerald byers

    do theses signal boosters/extenders need to work off of our wifi? or are they independant? We have satellite service and were told by Verizon that the average booster/extender will not work well with our metal roof and satellite service.

    • Dan

      Hello Gerald,

      Our signal boosters do not require an Internet connection and will work as long as you get some existing signal from the roof of your building.

      Our signal boosters work by having an antenna on the roof which picks up the existing signal from your carrier's tower. It routes that signal over a coax cable down to an amplifier which boosts it and then to an inside antenna where it is rebroadcast inside for your phone to use. The entire process also works in reverse giving you strong 2-way communication.

      To help figure out the best booster for you, let me know the following information:

      - How strong is the existing signal where you would mount the outside antenna, typically on the roof (See
      - Over how large of an area inside do you need to cover with a boosted signal (in sq ft)?
      - Is that area over one floor or multiple?

  • deanna holder

    I can make a call on my cell phone if I am next yo a window. I have a metal roof. 1150 sq ft inside. how much is the unit that will get me a call anywhere in house? thank you

    • Dan

      Hello Deanna,

      The best kit for you depends on a few things. Let me know the answers to the following:

      - How strong is the existing signal when you're outside of your home?
      - What carrier(s) do you need to support?
      - Is the 1150 sq ft interior over 1 floor or multiple?

      Based on that we can recommend a signal booster system for you.