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weBoost 470144 Home MultiRoom Passes FCC Certification

By Dan M

8/29/2019 Update: weBoost by Wilson Electronics has released the successors to their popular Connect 4G and Connect 4G-X signal boosters. The weBoost Home MultiRoom (470144) is the next version of the mid-size Connect 4G signal booster system.  It features up to 65 dB of gain and up to +12 dBm of output power. The weBoost Home Complete (470145) is the next version of the large-size Connect 4G-X signal booster system.  It features up to 70 dB of gain and up to +12 dBm of output power. These new systems are both 75-ohm and come with RG-6 and RG-11 cable respectively.  The new outdoor antenna can connect to pipes up to 3 inches in diameter and the new indoor antenna has a stylish fabric cover and supports wall mounting with 3M Command Strips or it can sit on a table with the included kickstand. These new systems will make a great upgrade to the weBoost lineup. Original Article: Fresh off the release of the new WilsonPro Enterprise 1300/1300R and 4300/4300R, weBoost by Wilson Electronics has a new product that has received FCC certification, the weBoost 470144 Home Multi-Room. Details are still limited but we can get some very interesting information from the FCC reports.   According to the FCC reports, the new Home Multi-Room is more powerful than previous weBoost products with an uplink output power of between 21.7 dBm and 25.1 dBm and a downlink output power of between 9.0 dBm and 12.2 dBm depending on the frequency band. This puts it closer to the WilsonPro 70 Plus than the existing weBoost products, so that's a great development which will provide more coverage in areas with a moderate to strong outside signal. The downlink gain listed on the FCC reports ranges from 59.4 dBm to 71.4 depending on the frequency band which would make the Home Multi-Room similar in boosting power to the existing weBoost Connect 4G-X. The photos are a little small, but the connectors on the amplifier appear to be F-Female connectors, so this system would use RG-6 and/or RG-11 cable.  75-ohm cable has slightly worse performance than 50-ohm cable, but we've found that homeowners prefer RG-6 since it's easier to install as long as your cable runs are relatively short.  Upgrading to RG-11 is a great way to improve the performance of any 75-ohm system. Beyond that, we don't know anything more about this system.  Will it replace one of the existing weBoost systems or will it be a new product in the lineup?  The antenna kitting documents on the FCC site include virtually all possible weBoost antenna combinations, so the exact cable type, length, and antennas that will come with the amplifier are also unknown. While there's a lot we don't know, we're very excited for a new weBoost option that features the higher output powers that we've only see on the Pro lineup to this point.  Let us know your guesses and we'll wait to see when the new weBoost Home Multi-Room 470144 launches.