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Announcing the New SureCall FusionTrek Mobile Signal Booster

Announcing the New SureCall FusionTrek Mobile Signal Booster

Jeff Morin |

SureCall, one of the leading manufacturer's of cell phone signal boosters, announced the brand new SureCall FusionTrek Mobile Signal Booster (SC-FusionTrek) today at CES 2018. The new FusionTrek is a signal booster designed to boost the networks used for voice calls, 3G, and 4G LTE to one device at a time in your vehicle.

Who It's For

It's the first mobile signal booster to not require an external antenna, so it's perfect for vehicles that have a full roof sunroof and no location for an external antenna, for the new Ford F-150 trucks with aluminum bodies that don't work with magnet mount antennas, or for anyone who prefers not to place a magnet mount antenna outside of the their vehicle. The tradeoff with eliminating the outside antenna is that the FusionTrek can only boost one mobile device at a time, and that device must be touching the inside antenna to receive the boosted signal. If you're ok with just boosting one device at a time and prefer not to have an external antenna, then the SureCall FusionTrek is a great and affordable choice for you.

How The SureCall FusionTrek Works

The SureCall FusionTrek has been designed to eliminate the outside antenna, and instead replace it with a small, window mount antenna and amplifier combination that suction cups to the rear window. A coax cable is run from the attached amplifier to the front of the vehicle, and attached to the inside antenna. The inside antenna provides power to the rear unit, so only the one coax cable is required. The inside antenna is attached to one of the front vents in the dashboard, and is powered by a cigarette lighter power supply. The phone or mobile device that you would like to provide with boosted signal is then placed against the inside antenna, and held in place with a magnetized plate. The installation should only take a minute or two, with the hardest part being the cable run from the rear unit to the front inside antenna. The ease of installation and lack of permanency makes it simple to move the SureCall FusionTrek between vehicles.

How to Order the FusionTrek

The SureCall FusionTrek is available for pre-order now on, with an anticipated ship date of March 1st, 2018, though that may change based on final certification and manufacturer availability. Order today to receive one of the first ones off the line and start boosting cell signal in your vehicle without an external antenna. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-590-3564 or email at and one of our signal experts will be happy to help you.