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The New SureCall EZ 4G is Now Available!

The New SureCall EZ 4G is Now Available!

Jeff Morin |

SureCall EZ 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster Today is the day for anyone who has bad cell phone signal in their home or office, and are not able to mount an antenna outside of the building. The new SureCall EZ 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster is now available for sale on UberSignal at the incredibly low price of $399.95. The SureCall EZ 4G was announced at CES this year as one of the first boosters to provide an easy installation experience, while still providing the best possible coverage inside of the home or office. The SureCall EZ 4G previously featured a more industrial design, while the new version of the product sports a much sleeker aesthetic and has automated much of the manual tuning that was needed in the past.

An Exclusive First Look at the SureCall EZ 4G

UberSignal had an exclusive first look at the SureCall EZ 4G prior to its release, and here is what we observed about the new booster: -The new look of the booster fits in very well in your home or office. The window unit can either be taped directly to an externally facing window, or the included stand allows it to sit on a window ledge (though you may still want to tape it for added stability). -There is a single cable that runs from the window unit for a few feet, and then splits to the power and antnena cable connectors. -There are no additional buttons or dials on the unit. Everything is adjusted automatically. -In an ideal installation, you would have between 30 to 50 feet of separation between the desktop antenna and the window unit, for maximum coverage inside and to prevent the risk of oscillation. It is possible to have less separation between the units, but the booster will reduce it's boosting power to try and avoid oscillation, resulting in a smaller coverage area. -The most difficult part of the installation is running the included RG-6 coaxial cable. If you can run cable for cable TV, then you should be able to install this in a few minutes (we do recommend loosely running the cable first to test the setup before permanently installing the cable). -As always, the total coverage from the unit will depend on how strong the initial signal is in the window where the window unit is located. The stronger the initial signal, the larger the coverage area inside. If the initial signal is very weak, then the coverage area inside will be fairly small, since the booster does not have much signal to amplify. Overall, the SureCall EZ 4G is the easiest signal booster to setup currently on the market, and should be perfect for anyone who needs to boost signal in an area of a home or office, and is not able to mount a signal outside. As always, please contact us if you have any questions or would like to purchase the SureCall EZ 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster.