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Cel-Fi Compass XR Scanning Receiver Installation & Testing Tool

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The Compass XR Installation and Testing Tool is expected to launch in September.  Initial supplies will be limited so pre-order today to reserve your spot in line!

The Cel-Fi COMPASS XR scanning receiver is the complete solution to enable integrators to install and optimize Cel-Fi cellular and public safety coverage systems. A convenient tool in a lightweight and portable package, it can be used globally to deploy and verify multiple technologies, including 5G New Radio networks in sub-6 GHz spectrum, LTE, CBRS, and LMR public safety coverage.

WilsonPro Cellular Network Scanner with Hard Case | 910055
The cellular network scanner app works in tandem with the scanner to allow you to view, tune and store cellular tower data and carriers. A survey is performed by linking the scanner to the app via Bluetooth on either an iOS or Android device.
SureCall SC-METER-01 Five-Band RF Signal Meter

The SureCall SC-METER-01 Five-Band RF Signal Meter is designed for professionals to conduct site surveys and help aim directional antennas. The SureCall Signal Meter can measure signal on the five main frequency bands used in North America.