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weBoost at CES 2015

weBoost at CES 2015

Jeff Morin |

ces Today at the opening of CES 2015, Wilson Electronics announced to the world that they would be changing their name to weBoost, and in addition, will be releasing a whole new suite of weBoost products at the beginning of February to replace the existing Wilson Electronics booster line. We stopped by the new weBoost booth this morning to give you a close up look at the new boosters and provide a bit more information about the new branding.

weBoost Brand Colors

weboost While the Wilson Electronics brand has sported the blue, white and yellow color scheme for the past few decades, the new weBoost brand will be a major departure from that with the primary colors being black, red and grey. The new color scheme will provide a more modern look to the new line of boosters, and will also help differentiate the new brand from other players in the space.

Logical Naming

boxes For cellular aficionados, the Wilson Electronics brand has been a well known staple in the space, but for many new customers who are just learning that signal boosters exist, the Wilson name does little to portray what the company does. Enter weBoost, which aims to help new customers understand immediately what the company does with the cell phone signal boosters that they produce. Focus groups on the whole have reacted much more favorably to the new name than they did Wilson Electronics.

Streamlined Design & Automatic Gain Control

amps While new signal booster versions have been slowly moving away from the metal exterior with prominent cooling fins, the new suite of boosters have almost completely done away with that design (save for the Drive 3G-M). Even more importantly, all of the new weBoost signal boosters feature automatic gain control, which means that the amplifier will automatically adjust its power to maximize the boosted signal coverage area while preventing oscillation (feedback) from occurring in the system. The new boosters will be the easiest ever for the consumer to install.

Cradle Boosters Will Accomodate Even More Phone Sizes

cradle The new weBoost Drive 3G-S and Drive 4G-S models (previously the Sleek and Sleek 4G) will now be able to accomodate the larger phone models, like the iPhone 6 Plus, which their predecessors were not able to fit without fully removing the cradle arms. In addition, the cradle design is more compact and streamlined than the previous models, for a sleeker look in your car or home.

New Product Group Names

connect In an attempt to make things more straightforward and less confusing for the consumer, the new products are grouped via name based on their intended use. The entry level building boosters with a coverage area of a small apartment down to a single room are now the "weBoost Home" series, and offer the weBoost Home 4G and weBoost Home 3G models for consumers to choose from. The standard boosters used for small to medium home coverage areas are now the "weBoost Connect" series, and offer the weBoost Connect 4G (Now the weBoost Home MultiRoom) and weBoost Connect 3G models for consumers to choose from. The high end boosters that provide the largest coverage areas are now the "weBoost Connect Extreme" series, and offer the weBoost Connect 4G-X Extreme (Now the weBoost Home Complete) and the weBoost Connect 3G-X Extreme models for consumers to choose from. In terms of vehicle boosters, the cradle booster line is now the "weBoost Drive S" series of boosters, and offer the weBoost Drive 4G-S and the weBoost Drive 3G-S models for consumers to choose from. The standard mobile boosters that support multiple simultaneous devices are now the "weBoost Drive M" series, and offer the weBoost Drive 4G-M and the weBoost Drive 3G-M models for consumers to choose from. Finally, there are a couple of boosters that are for special use scenarios, and are now known as the weBoost Drive 3G-X Extreme and the weBoost Drive 3G-Flex.


logo_rectangle Overall, the new weBoost brand and product line are a great advancement for Wilson Electronics, and we're expecting more exciting products to be released in 2015. If you're interested in pre-ordering one of the new weBoost products so that you get one of the first ones of the line, you can do that today on the UberSignal weBoost Pre-Order Page. As always, if you have any questions about the new weBoost products, or about cell phone signal boosters in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.